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Jessie Valle

Co-host of the Marketing Moms podcast, Jessie is also the owner of Valle Media, LLC, a company that helps small businesses with their digital marketing strategies, sales funnel conversions and tech training. She began her business in 2016 after becoming a mom and deciding she wanted to work from home to spend time raising her two children.

What started out as a little way to cover the cover card bill, Jessie expanded her business to the point her husband could quit his traditional office job and work from home too. She has worked with several multi-million dollar businesses, helping with their digital marketing, all while being a mom. She now can’t imagine a life doing one without the other.

Jessie enjoys realistic conversations, chocolate, and all the coffee she can get.

Angela Reeder

As well as being the co-host of the Marketing Moms Podcast, Angela is also the owner of Technical Geekery, LLC, a service business that provides development and support for businesses using the WordPress and Shopify Platforms. She started her business journey in 2014 and Technical Geekery was founded in 2017.

Her love of learning and technology led her to start her own business and what started as a way to make ends meet has grown into a business she loves, doing a job she is passionate about. She works with a variety of clients from bloggers and artists to small corporations.

Owning her own business has given her the freedom to be present with her family and nurture a part of herself that delights in helping others. She lives at home with her husband, three children, two dogs, three cats, backyard chickens, and a plethora of fish.

Angela enjoys reading, music, podcasts, and crocheting.

Realistic Balance Awaits...

We understand balancing building a successful business and being a superstar mom is hard, yet in today’s digital world, it’s more common than ever.

We talk about our experiences of all ages, from birth, through pre-teen. Balancing your business and your babies while battling mom-guilt and clients can make you feel pulled in a thousand different directions. Sometimes you just need someone to listen to who has been there done that and come out the other side is still in the thick of it.

Listen in while we discuss our motherhood, our experiences, and insights into marketing.

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